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MRI is an independent sales agency with decades of experience and intimate knowledge of our territory. Our staff is there to assist in selecting the right solution the first time, "future-proofing" your investment while improving your experience. We represent the leading manufacturers of ergonomic computer workstations, equipment management systems, headwalls, medication dispensing cabinets, and Ultraviolet, UV-C, infection control equipment.

Ergonomic Sit to Stand Computer Arms and Biomed Monitor Mounts, over 4,700 configurations



Commercial UV Disinfection Solutions


Hospital wards, Operating theatres, Emergency Rooms, Side wards, Waiting rooms, Preparation Areas and Kitchens

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The MicroTek plasma lamp treatment systems comprise of a simple yet effective UV lamp or lamps depending on the size of the system powered by Microwave energy. Effective for all types of Microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, Chemical-free technology, eliminating chemical transport, storage handling or removal.

Ultraviolet Disinfection With UV-CLEAN No-Touch Technology
As new automated disinfection technologies are being developed and implemented, ultraviolet disinfection has emerged as a powerful line of defense against the spread of infectious pathogens on high-touch surfaces that cause Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).

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