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Hot Swappable Batteries for Medical Carts and Devices

With ELORA’s cart agnostic approach, simply select the cart that best fits your clinical and workflow needs and then add the ELORA power system to create the ideal product for your application.

MADE in the U.S.A

Elora Power hot swappable batteries are a revolutionary technology that allows for the seamless replacement of batteries in medical carts and devices. This technology has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery, as well as increase patient safety.
Medical carts and devices are essential tools in the healthcare industry, and they rely heavily on batteries to function. However, traditional battery systems can be problematic and time-consuming to replace, which can lead to downtime for medical staff and interruptions in patient care.
Elora Power hot swappable batteries solve this problem by allowing for the quick and easy replacement of batteries without the need to shut down the device or cart. This is achieved by using a unique connector system that allows for the battery to be removed and replaced without interrupting the device's power supply.
Benefits of Elora Power Hot Swappable Batteries
  1. Increased Efficiency: With Elora Power hot swappable batteries, medical staff can quickly and easily replace batteries without interrupting the device's power supply. This means that devices and carts can continue to be used while the battery is being replaced, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.
  2. Improved Patient Safety: Interruptions in patient care can be dangerous, and Elora Power hot swappable batteries help to minimize the risk of interruptions by allowing for quick and easy battery replacement.
  3. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Traditional battery systems often require costly maintenance and replacement, but Elora Power hot swappable batteries significantly reduce the need for maintenance and replacement, thus reducing costs.
  4. Increased uptime: Elora Power hot swappable batteries allow for the continuous operation of medical devices and carts, increasing their uptime and availability for patient care.
Elora Power hot swappable batteries are a revolutionary technology that offers significant benefits for the healthcare industry. They provide a solution to the problem of downtime and interruptions in patient care caused by traditional battery systems, increase efficiency, improve patient safety, and reduce maintenance costs. With the increasing use of medical carts and devices in healthcare, the adoption of Elora Power hot swappable batteries is likely to become increasingly important in the future.
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For the Clinician

  • Simple to use:
  • In this day and age, clinicians are under perpetual pressure to do more.  This increasing list of tasks inevitably comes at the expense of patient engagement.  ELORA makes life simple for care providers.  Our batteries are 20% lighter and support an easy battery “swap” process.  Clinicians can exchange a depleted battery for a fully charged battery whenever it’s convenient for them: at the beginning of shift, end of a break, whenever they’re near a battery charger.  No longer does the clinician have to remember to plug in the cart for fear of a dead battery at a critical moments.
  • True Hot Swap technology offers 24/7 up-time allowing greater focus on patient care
  • No more searching for a power outlet – battery swaps take 10 seconds or less
  • Seamlessly fits into any clinical workflow – multiple configurations are available
  • Ergonomic lightweight design eliminates bending – no more searching for outlets
  • On-screen battery meter keeps you informed – power status at a glance


For the Technologist

  • 100% Availability means less equipment to support

Simple and Reliable:

ELORA offers 110-volt AC power output and is universally adaptable to any cart or other mobile medical device.  Standard channel mounting and plug and play integration simplifies deployment of workstation on wheels or other mobile medical device fleets. ELORA unburdens valuable resources allowing them to attend to mission critical activities.
Our fleet management/remote battery monitoring supports proactive services and budgeting.  In the event of a failure, our modular design enables simple remove and replace strategies for near zero down-time.  All of this equates to significant labor and material cost savings.
  • Reduce your support burden with 30% less equipment than fixed-power carts
  • Manage your fleet with real-time performance feedback, reports and automated alerts
  • Leverage reports for proactive budgeting input
  • Simplify and expedite service with our modular design and advanced replacement program
  • Power virtually any cart or medical device with 110 Volt AC output plug and play installation
  • Have confidence knowing the ELORA is engineered to the highest standards with 7 safety certifications including IEC 60601


For the Financier

Cost Effective:

Maintaining a healthy business means being financially responsible. ELORA helps organizations maximize the impact of ever shrinking budgets by rejuvenating existing cart assets and expanding their life span to achieve maximum ROI. When new workstation on wheels must be purchased, ELORA can reduce the amount of equipment purchased by up to 33% over traditional fixed power carts.
  • Nearly 50% lower Total Cost of Ownership vs. base powered carts
  • Over 30% lower initial equipment investment by eliminating the need for extra carts and equipment to compensate for carts out of service while charging
  • 100% cart availability means all carts are accessible and not cluttering hallways while charging
  • Fleet management software enables pro-active budgeting for battery replenishment
  • Modular design and advanced parts replacement program ensures near zero down-time
  • Reclaim/repurpose valuable floor space previously used to charge carts


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